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July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!

It's Jennifer's Sweet 16 today!
We started celebrating on Saturday by going away for the weekend. And today we are still partying on!!! Birthdays are pretty special around here as we don't do many gifts at Christmas, we save them for birthdays. So one gift per person makes 10 (Mark & I make one!) gifts! That's quite a celebration for us! Also the birthday candidate gets the day off from the daily grind. For our kids that is huge because every day has lots to do. This is their one day of the year to sit back and RELAX Some of the gifts Jennifer got: Watercolors, paint brushes and paper Art pencils Book on Training Horses Jean Jacket Key Chain that says 'Sisters Make the Best Friends' Smarties Horse Birthday Reminder Calender Pig Candies (just to remind her of her job!) Gel Pens If I were to describe Jennifer I would say: God fearing, fun loving, content, joy to be around, not a care in the world, girl. It's actually a rarity to see her in a bad mood. When she is it takes me back because I don't know what to do! She always has time to hug her siblings & her parents. She like to spend time riding horse, reading, art work, caring for animals, playing piano & singing. Dear God, Thank you for choosing Jennifer to be a part of our family. I thank you for the beautiful young woman she is growing up to be. Let her never take her eyes off of you. May she always know the calling that you have placed on her life and be willing to follow you wherever you will lead her. Bless her as she blesses others. Give her one passion, to love you with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. AMEN

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jeremy and/or laura said...

happy birthday, jen!
enjoy your day!!!
we love you,
aunt laura, uncle jeremy and zaya