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July 23, 2007

Second Leg of our Journey

After visting we went to the mountains and camped there for 3 nights.
Our campsite was basically camper to camper beside pavement, but the view of the mountains was beautiful, and since we basically just ate and slept there it was all good.
Some things we did in the mountains:
Bow Falls
Hot Springs
Cave & Basin
Columbia Ice Fields
And a few Hiking Trails

Some of our highlights in the mountains.
Having ground squirrels as our buddies in the campground. One time we left Brooke's sippy cup on the picnic table and came back to find it almost down one of their holes. Good thing it was as big as it was or we may have never seen it again. Who knows what else we lost down there!

We went on the "monster bus" as the boys affectionately called it. This was the Brewster that brought us up on the ice fields. It went very slow and we climbed a very steep hill. At the restaurant there we had the most expensive hot dog meal ever. It cost us over $50.00. What a rip off!!

The gondola was fun, as long as you didn't look down (my opinion only!) When we climbed up the rest of the mountain we were disappointed to find that mosquitoes are even on mountain tops. How many of those things are in the world anyway?

The weather was hot and the hot springs were hot. We went as early as we could in the morning so that it wouldn't be unbearable! Even then we had to sit in the shade. But the water felt good.

One thing that got me about the mountains was the majesty of God. He made all of these with just a spoken word. WOW, WOW, WOW, did I say WOW? Absolutely breathtaking, beautiful.

My pet peave: How much money people make so that we can see the amazing things that God created. Somehow it just doesn't seem right!

So that's this leg of our journey, maybe more tomorrow.

Today I have to decide whether it's better to go out in the garden when it is cooler and get eaten by mosquitos, or wait until it's hot and fry in the sun? What would you do?
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