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September 21, 2007


Hi, it's good to be back. You probably didn't even know I was gone! Mark took me away for a couple of days to celebrate my birthday. He felt bad we couldn't get away on my birthday, as he was a little under the weather! We brought Kerri along to be our nanny, and had a great time, relaxing and shopping. We got home last night and now today life is back into "full swing". I have had so many 'blog inspirations' over the last few days, but those are going to have to wait as today I need to get caught up.

So just wanted to remind those who are interested in joining me in studying the book 'Created to be His Help Meet' that we will be having our first blog 'discussion' Oct. 5th. I am really excited about this. As a mom of young children it isn't possible for me at this stage to go out to bible studies and share with other ladies my joys, struggles & journeys of being a godly woman. I hope that we can do this here and have some good discussions, have open hearts and let the Lord teach us how we can become more like Him. So if you are interested, get your book (from the link above or at your Bible Book Store), read the first chapter and I look forward to hear what you think on Oct. 5th.

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Denyse said...

I did wonder where you were or what you were up to. That's great that you got a chance to get away.

I have got my book and I am ready to go.