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September 13, 2007

Goodbye Summer

Where did summer go? I think for us it went super fast because harvest started at the beginning of August. So I went out into the garden after supper and picked what will probably be the last boquet of flowers for the year. As I was picking I was again amazed at the different flowers, the uniqueness of each one, the beauty, the intricate details. What an awesome God, to make so many different kinds for us to enjoy. He could have made just one kind, but He didn't, He made many shapes, sizes and colors for us. It makes me excited to see what heaven will be like, the beauty, the colors, the smells. More than we can even imagine. So with this in mind I say goodbye to summer, nice weather, flowers, campfires, camping...and hello to the slower pace of winter, snow, skating, sitting around the wood stove, reading, care groups, school.....I will enjoy a different pace, even though I will miss summer, I enjoy Mark & Josh being around more, and more family time. I am glad to live in Manitoba.

Life has been full lately. Mark and I celebrated our
19th anniversary this week. We even got away for a night, it was nice. We plan on going away again as soon as Mark is feeling better. He got his stitches out on Tuesday but still has to stay quite still or he finds himself in a lot of pain. The doc said he will have to take it easy for 6 months. A little longer than we thought, but we are praying that things will get better quickly so that he can get around a little more.
We have sort of started the 'text book' part of school. The kids just kind of took initiative to start on their own. This year we will have 6 in school and 4 toddling around! I am sure Jesse and Nathan will want to be involved as well. And Brooke will probably repeat everything everyone says. She's a little parrot these days!

Our little 'baby' Mikaya is growing up fast.

Yesterday she started moving herself around on the floor. If she sees something she wants she pulls herself forward with her arms. She is only 5 months! She is so interested in what everyone is doing
and doesn't want to get left behind!

We have been getting a lot of laughs from the funny things Brooke says. She tries to be so grown up about everything. But there is one thing she just cannot get right! The older girls names. She gets them mixed up all the time. I think we have figured out it is according to what she wants. If she wants food she calls on a certain girl, if she wants to go potty she calls on a certain girl, if she wants to go outside she calls on a certain girl ect... Well the other day she said to Kerri, "Megan, where's Megan?" I am sure someday she will get it right, for now it is kind of funny!

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