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December 26, 2007

Christmas With the Rowley Family

We had a great Christmas with Rosalie's family all coming over for a couple of days.
Here are some highlights in photos
Top Row: My beautiful pregnant sister Amanda, Nathan arranging the manger scene, Grama and Josh,
Mark & Jennifer cuddling, Grama and her christmas gift that Mark made.
Left side: Cousin Isaiah and Brooke, Grama looking at her scrapbooking calender that Rosalie made for her, Uncle Jeremy and Brooke
Right side: Grama enjoying quality time with grandchildren, Grampa playing hockey (he still has great reflexes!), Brooke and Isaiah playing some christmas tunes
Bottom Row: Cousins with the goats, playing hockey (we spent many hours doing this), traditional fondue
Middle: Family Photo
Back Row: Mark, my brother Jeremy, Amanda's husband Josh, my brother Travis, my dad, Joshua
2nd Row: Me and Mikaya. Caleb, Jeremy's wife Laura, my sister Amanda, my mom
3rd Row: Zachary, Megan, Jesse, Kerri, Jennifer
Front Row: Isaiah, Brooke, Nathan

1 comment:

jeremy and/or laura said...

that looks like a lot of fun! oh wait, it was a lot of fun! thanks for having us over. i'm so thankful that we have such a great time when we get together as family. love you all!