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December 6, 2007

Cows, Shopping and Other Things!

Well. what a week we have been having!
Went to a cattle grazing school, learned about stuff like grazing your cattle!!
The government payed; free hotel, free meals, free babysitter, free hired labor...need I say more!

Are all my Manitoba readers enjoying the snow?
The song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" was on in Superstore.
Aa a lady and I were picking through the bananas, we turned to each other and kind of smirked, I guess we can stop dreaming about it, cause, IT"S HERE!
Our white Christmas is here, and I have the overwhelming urge to go somewhere tropical! Warm weather, beaches, fresh fruit....
but then I think of the $10,000 spent on plane tickets,
thousands spent on hotels, who know how much on food.....
and I am content to be here in crisp Manitoba, where your nose hairs freeze together as you walk out the door.
So I will focus on the fun things of winter:
hot chocolate with snowman poop (or marshmellows for all you technical people),
cozying up by the wood stove,
skating on our rink (we got it done!),
little boys who ask for carrots and buttons for their latest snowman buddy,
the crunch of snow under your feet,
bundled up little bumkins who get super frustrated because they can't move,
just to name a few!
SOOO...happy winter day.

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