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January 30, 2008

Chpt. 11 Created to Be His Help Meet

Sorry this post is late. We've had a crazy week which included being stormed stayed in Winnipeg on Monday. I enjoyed many parts of this chapter but the part that stood out the most to me was where Debi talks about the woman who reminds her husband of what he was going to do in a manner of saying, “I am holding you to it” I have been very guilty of this and Mark has called me on it a few times. When he has commented about doing something and I take it as a ‘I am going to do this” and then if he doesn’t do it I say “But you said….” And I recognize now what this has done is caused him to keep part of his heart to himself because it is not worth my comments later on. I have indeed been guilty of what she says on pg. 114 “Using your special knowledge of you husband as leverage to get your way.” Another part that stood out to me was she talks about a woman’s spirituality. Today it is definitely measured by how spiritual she looks on the outside, what positions she holds in the church, how ‘spiritual’ her lingo is, a prayer warrior. But when do you ever hear a woman’s spiritual standing judged on how submissive she is to her husband? I can’t recall ever hearing this. I believe this is because of a lost view of what a woman’s calling really is. It isn’t the view of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. “Is your desire for your husband? (Gen. 3:16) Do you live to please him? Or do you expect him to live up to your convictions and whims? Do you spend your days in angry frustration over his unwillingness to change to your specifications? “ pg. 116

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