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January 3, 2008

A Sick Mama

Well for the first time in 4 years the stomach flue hit me hard.
Yesterday Jesse and I were both sick in bed all day.

But as I was laying there out of it, not able to take care of my family,
my daughters took up the slack.
I was so proud of them, as I was not even able to give instruction.
They just took over and made the household run smoothly.

Sometimes with your children you have discipline/disciple moment
after moment, and you don't see immediate fruits of your labor.

I remember years ago when I was a mom of many young ones ( I guess I still am!) and wondered when I would see the good all my daily correction was doing.
But I now see fruit many times from our kids, and yesterday will always
stand out in my mind. What a relief it was to know that all I had to do was get better.

So just a word of encouragement for all you moms out there.
There may be days when it seems all you do is correct your children,
but the day will come when you will see the fruits of your hard labor.
So keep on keep'in on :)

ps If you think of our family please pray for us as the flue has now hit Brooke and Mikaya.
pps The above photo Megan took on Christmas Eve day

1 comment:

jeremy and/or laura said...

thanks for the post. very encouraging. way to go girls!
the first thing isaiah said yesterday morning when he woke up was 'auntie rosalie all done sick?' it was too early to call to find out... but, we've been praying and will pray for the girls.