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April 18, 2008

Enjoying Spring

Well, it seems the warm weather is here, hopefully to stay.

As soon as it turns relatively warm the kids spend most of their hours outside.
This is so nice as it helps them (especially the boys) get rid of their boundless energy!
I wish I had half, or even one-quarter of the energy that they do.
Their favorite pass times:
Jumping on the trampoline,
playing on the play structure,
playing in the sandbox
& riding bikes.
I would mention how they love to play with garter snakes too but I know I have
some readers that are a little squeamish of these little slithery creatures.
You know who you are, I won't mention any names.
You can just be glad I am not posting any pictures of that!

And another bonus is the house stays almost clean:)

Here's a cheer for warm weather, melting snow & sunshine!

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