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April 5, 2008

Two Birthdays

This week we celebrated another 2 birthdays.

April 3rd was Mikaya's 1st and the 4th was Nathan's 4th.

So I will start with a birthday tribute to Mikaya:

Wow, 1 year old already. On one hand it seems like you were born just yesterday, and yet I can't imagine what life was like without you.

We always have so much fun with you. You are a very joyful baby with lots of life that shows all over your face. When you smile even your eyes twinkle. So everyone here loves to make you laugh and you humor us by complying.

You are very good at communicating. We taught you to sign early and so you use the signs: please, all done & more regularily. Sometimes you look like a back catcher with all the signs you throw out! You also try to say many words, your favorite one is puppy which you say when you see anything that is furry or has 4 legs. You really like animals and are often found looking out the window trying to find the 'pup pup' (always said in a whisper).

Your sisters keep trying to convince you to walk but you think it's faster crawling. You can walk quite a few steps on your own and I am sure you could take off it you so chose. Personally I think you just like all the attention of everyone coaxing you to walk :)

You have so many nick names and you are only 1 years old thanks to your kooky family:) Mickey-Annia (Brooke), Mickey (Dad), Kaya-Banaya (Jennifer), Kaya (all), Kaya-Anne (all) just to name a few.

The bond between your sister Brooke and you is deepening. It's amazing to see how a 3 yr. old and a 1 yr. old interact and communicate. When you are in your playpen Brooke must feel sorry for you as she will crawl right in and play with you for a long time. She really loves you and I am sure you will have many great years playing 'house' together.

Your older siblings all love you to bits. Jennifer, Megan and Kerri take such good care of you and give you endless hugs and kisses. Joshua rarely misses a day that he doesn't cuddle and talk with you. (you are a great cuddler:) Caleb loves to hold you and thinks you are just so funny. And Zachary gives you lots of hugs on the run (because he is always on the run!), Jesse, & Nathan are often loving you 'in your face' and you try very hard to be patient with them, but sometimes you just have to let them know you would like some space. And of course Daddy give you lots and lots of Daddy cuddles which you love and ask for many times a day. Mommy gets her cuddle time in when she nurses you and it's a good thing or she might never get to hold you!

So as we reflect on this year that you have been in our family we feel especially blessed that God chose you, Mikaya, to come and join our crew. We look forward to many years of loving, training and playing with you. We love you! Happy Birthday!

Now on to Nathan!

Well you started off your life just right when you were born 4 years ago on 04/04/04. God knew after having to remember 8 other birthdates that we needed an easy one!

Our Natey-Boy. Where do I begin?

I think I will start with your smile. You have this contagious smile that is.... well....contagious!

It lights up your mouth, your eyes and even your ears! We love your smile. So.. keep on smiling!

God knew we needed you in our family. Daddy needed another little buddy to help him and we needed another helper in the kitchen. And of course He knew we needed to brush up our parenting skills. We have had some challenges, but through those challenges we have learned and grown. Thanks for those life lessons!

From day one you have known what you wanted, how you wanted it and when! So we have many character training moments through these times.

Your nose is amazing. You can tell when you walk in the house what we are baking or having for supper. I think that has attributed to your preferences in food but you have been gracious as you have learned to have 'no thank you' helpings even if it isn't your favorite food.

You have been working very hard at having a good attitude when asked to do things and you have come such a long way. Thanks for trying so hard.

We love all your hugs and kisses. And do we ever get a lot of them. Also the way you call your little sister 'Beautiful'. If you get married some day I am sure your wife will be very pleased:)

What a great little helper you are. You dry the dishes, help clean off the table, help the girls clean the house, help daddy outside. And the greatest thing is how you see what needs to be done and do it without being asked. Just keep it up, OKAY!

Love, Life and Laughter. That's our Natey-Boy. We love you Nate and are so glad that you are part of our family. We look forward to another year of watching you grow and mature and become a little man. Happy Birthday Nate.

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