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April 2, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Mikaya!

We celebrated two birthdays last week. On the third was Mikaya's so we will start with her..... Dear Mikaya Happy Birthday Kicks (that's my pet name for you :) Wow, two already! It seems like just yesterday that you were born. You came home on your big brother Nathan's birthday and I would say that you stole the show! You were and still are the sweetest little thing. Your smile can steal any heart and it is really hard to be upset or serious with you.

You learned to talk at an early age and it is so much fun trying to figure out what you are saying. You love to tell stories, your eyes light up as you jabber away saying only a few phrases that we can understand. It is so cute how you use hand gestures to try and get your point across as you tell tales about going milking, seeing the Bock, Bocks (chickens), it being cold outside. When we started potty training you and you 'did your job' you insisted that everyone in the family congratulate you with a high five and "good job!". If someone was out of the room you just had to find them so that they could be excited for you too. You are very good at knowing just who in our family is missing.

Even though you are somewhat scared of their size (very understandable) you love animals and really enjoy riding the horsey and going milking with me. Milking is one of your favorite activities. Whenever I let you go along you get so excited. You spend most of the time there gaining the courage to kiss the cow and when you finally do, you are so proud of yourself. With a big smile on your face you say "I did it!". You always have lots of things to tell mommy and daddy about when you get back in... like Sally coughing, Teddy licking your finger, Popeye making a mess (which is extremely traumatic to you) and of course kissing the cow :).

You love your little brother Josiah and spend a lot of time talking to and playing with him. Whenever you hear Joey crying in his bed you'll run and say "Joe Joe crying!" and make sure that one of us attend to him.
It is hard to put you to bed when you are overtired because instead of becoming really grumpy, you get really cute. We'll say "you should go to bed" and in the cutest voice you'll open your eyes really wide and say "I no go to bed". Yes I must admit that when Mom and Dad are away and your big sisters are babysitting you, you get spoiled because you are just TOO CUTE!
You have a couple of really cute nicknames for some of your siblings. Me you call Jenna-uh, Megan is Menna-an, Kerri is Kaya-ki , Brooke is Book or Booky, Rebecca is B-becka.
You're very much a girly girl but at the same time Daddy's little tomgirl as you love to play with your 'babies' and wear dresses but you also really like to ride with daddy in the tractor (and virtually anything else with wheels).
Your a sweet girl Micker. Your big hugs are a treasure, your "I love you's" are priceless and your princess goodnight wave is adorable. Your such a little goof and you love to make your family (especially Daddy) laugh at you. I love you Kickey!
Keep on smiling! Cause it sure is cute :)

Love Jenna-uh


Duckygirl said...

That was such a sweet tribute to your little girl!

I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog(a week or so ago?)...I like having new blogs to check out ;)


The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday "late" Miss Mikaya!!! We love you and wish we could have celebrated with you.

I know Mr. Wesley would have loved to sit in a high chair next to you while you opened your presents. He could have been the paper holder just like you were for him :)

We look forward to many years of watching you grow in body and spirit!