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April 17, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Nathan (April 4th)

When I think of Nathan, I think of shy, sweet, and determined. Nathan is so shy if there is more than 1 or 2 people listening in, but when you get him one on one, he loves to talk.... ask questions.... its like he is a different person.
Whenever I put my cowboy boots on, he is there. Ready to ride.
When I give him rides he wants to know why I do what I do and he is very willing to try something new (he is the next cowboy of the family). Then afterwards he loves to help me brush and put away the horses, still asking questions. After that he sticks to me like glue, following me around and helping out. When you please the boy once, your forever friends.... that is till he gets distracted :)
Dad and Mom got Nate outfitted as a cowboy and he was really excited when he learned that he would be getting a cowboy hat at the Brandon Fair (story to come :).
Nathan told me the other day that when he is bigger he will buy a horse, but he doesn't know what kind yet :).
When Nate gets disappointed, he gets really disappointed. It is hard to say no to him sometimes because I know he will become tremendously sad. He is extremly sensitive too and sometimes one has to pry him out of his shell to find out what his problem is.

Nathan loves his baby brother Josiah. When he kisses him he doesn't just give him a kiss.... but a SMOOCH! He doesn't just talk to him.... he gets 1 inch away from his face and well....chats :)

Nate's smile is like no other. Partly because he is missing 4 front teeth.... but mostly because it is so radient. It lights up his whole face. This picture below shows one of Nathan's favorite tricks. He learned to do it while playing with it when he sucked his thumb to soothe himself. There is one thing you gotta know about Nate.... his ears are VERY flexible! We love to play with them :) Nathan, it is so much fun being your sister. I love you Nater.

Love Jen


Momma Mayo said...

Hello friends!
Glad to see all is well!
Happy birthday to "all"!
Your room make-over looks great! How do you like the flooring?
Babies on the farm sweet!
God has blessed you all!
Is it sprig-ish weather up in Canada? Time is tight down here...miss my blog friends...
How are the newly-weds? Any pics?blessings,
Momma Mayo

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!!

We love you quite spirit, and precious smile :)We are lookong forward to seeing your new cwboy duds!

Laura said...

Happy birthday to Nathan! He looks like such a fun little guy!