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July 20, 2009

Manitoba Stampede

Once again we had the fun of going to the Manitoba Stampede in Morris.
This year we went with the Penner family and Joshua and Rebecca
A lot of fun was had by all.
Cowgirls (someone needs to get Rita a cowboy hat!)

The Little Cowboys

Ruth and her 'shadow'

Me and My Sweetheart

And they are off.

Small scale chuck wagon racing
Where's the snow?

A close finish

Chariot Races

Cowgirl putting in her pony tail

Me and my sweet little Joe

Smiling Raechelle


What's wrong with this picture?

Whoa Horsie!

Thanks again you guys for a great day!


The Munck Family said...

Looks like lots of fun and action!

Long sleeves??? July in long sleeves, Wow I long for cool weather right now :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post.
Great pictures Megan.
Thanks so much for a great day we all had lot's of fun.


Dianna said...

OH WOW!! Morris that is my hometown!! I try to go there every year for the Stampede. I wish I would've made it this year I would've probably recognized you and we could've met. How close yet so far away! Hopefully we'll get to meet in person sometime soon. Would love to meet you. Love reading about your family. I admire every parent who invests so much time in our God given children and don't see them as a burden but as a blessing beyond words. We are expecting babe # 4 and are thrilled. My children are very close together and I do have hard pregnancies but God knows we can do it together with Him!

Dianna said...

P.S Btw did anyone ever comment to you that you remind [resemble] of midwife Marla Gross in Winkler? I've noticed it esp. in the pic of you and your hubby. Are you related to her or no?