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September 28, 2009

Memories Monday

Here are some cute story's and pictures about Kerri.... Enjoy!
Journaling from
Sept. 30 1999.....
Something Cute! Today Kerri closed the bathroom door and it banged quite loud. She said "Ooh, that made my ears jump!!"
April 21st 2000......
A few days ago Kerri poked Mommy in the tummy. Then she said, "Oh, did I poke the babies eyes!" Kerri, Sweet Kerri!
May 2001....
Mom wrote the scripture verse "The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer" on our rock. After Kerri was telling someone what the verse was that mom wrote on the rock. She said "The Lord is my shepherd Ishall not rock!" (a little misinterpretation)
Aug 10th, 2002...
A few days after Jennifer's birthday, Dad and Mom took her out for supper and a movie. Later when she was explaining to her siblings about how it was so dark in the movie theatre and it seemed like it should be dark outside but it wasn't. Kerri always a thinker said, "Did they have lights that made it dark?" Thanks again for the laugh Kerri!

Kerri May 2009

We love you Ker!

Love, Your Sisters:)

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really sweet love you