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September 22, 2009

Our Saturday by Jen

As some of you might have guessed, mom has been somewhat absent for the last week.... busy with harvest (we are so thankful for amazing weather that we have had this week. We were able to get a lot of harvesting done). It is this time of year that every able bodied person is kept busy as we work to get the crops and the gardens harvested.

So we (Jen, Meg and Kerri) decided that we would take pictures of our day and let you peek into "Jen, Megan & Kerri's" Day"

WARNING: This is a really long post.

We didn't mean for it to happen this way but it turned out to be the busiest day of the week!

Our day started at around 8:00 a.m. Usually we ride at 6:00 but this morning we gave the horses a break didn't wake up on time.

Milking comes first, two of us girls milk while the other stays inside and feeds the kids.

We like to do our work while listening and singing to music. Makes the day go by much faster

Here are the girls..... singing

We like to have brunch on Saturday mornings. But when everyone is in the field it's hard to do that. So if they couldn't come to brunch, we decided to bring brunch to them!

For brunch this morning we decided to make cinnamon buns!

Let the yummy kitchen mess begin :)

We worked on the cinnamon buns (and other morning chores) till 12:00
Mikaya enjoying her "lunch"

And then it was off to deliver the sticky yummies and also some passengers to the field.
Caleb, Zachary and Brooke went along with Dad for a while.
Here is Dad in the combine.

On our way to Mom

This is what Mom has been doing for the last couple of days.
Here she is swathing our last field of wheat.

Mom had Jesse and Nathan with her.

Meanwhile the guys had moved to another field and needed a bin to be cleaned out.
We arrived there at.....

Inside the bin.

Yes, it really is this dusty!

I think we made a record cleaning out a bin we were done in 13 minutes :)

Next on the list was to take the garbage to the dump.

We finally arrived home....

Meanwhile Megan was at home making relish. Through some miscommunication she ended up making 4 batches instead of 2.... anyone need some relish?!? Or maybe you have some ideas of creative ways to use relish.....PLEASE?
Here's Megan working hard making sweet relish x4

this is NOT even all of it :)

Mikaya was lost with all her siblings (except Josiah) in the field. She didn't quite know what to do with herself. When your in a large family there is always someone to play with!
Josiah and Mikaya watching a video

On coming home we started finishing up some apple juice that had been sitting in water overnight. The relish was supposed to sit for the day.
Here are the apples boiling.

And the mess gets bigger!

Sometime after making the apple juice I fed the horses, Meg made supper. Then Mom finished the field so she came home and I gave her a ride to Dad. I then brought Brooke, Caleb and Nathan home.


And no matter how busy we are here the crew in the field still gets hungry :) So.......
We brought supper to the field.

To Josh and Rebecca.....


And Mom and Dad......

The boys ate on the truck while Mom and Dad ate while on the move.

Here is Josiah and Kerri waiting for Mom and Dad to finish eating. Then it would be Josiah's turn.

And then Joey got his first combine ride! (outside of mom :)

Again arriving home....

Mikaya decided that today would be a good day to style her hair.....

By this time the apple juice was ready to be put into jars.

As well as the relish...... but we ran into a problem...... When it came time to add the peppers we found that...

we didn't have a pot big enough to fit it all (and believe me, we have a really big pot!)

As you can see the mess was still growing!

We finally found something big enough to fit ALL the relish in.

But we didn't find enough cupboard space....

As I was canning I found that the fridge needed immediate attention.... so I did that

We were thankful that Caleb came home from the field....
he entertained Josiah while we were busy.

We FINALLY had the time to do the dishes! It took a long time to get them all finished. ps though by appearances it may seem like we have a dishwasher and dishes are no big deal.....it's not working right now, so it's all by hand:)

Josiah thought it was about time!

We got all the kids bathed, did the evening milking, cleaned the house, washed the kitchen floor, did some wash and then we were done! Whew, all in a day's work....
We never were able to get a picture of the clean kitchen but here is the result of some of our work....
Friday and Saturday together we have made 39 jars of apple juice.

And 33 jars of relish

It was a full day and there is a couple of things we learned
1. Never make relish and apple juice the same day. The smells of the two mixed together is HORRIBLE.
2. Communication is VERY important :)
3. Never quadruple a relish recipe. You will end up with 33 jars of relish....
4. We love our life and wouldn't have it any other way!!

Time for bed after a long day.


Anonymous said...

No doubt you girls had a VERY busy day,but it looks like you all got very much done.
It does feels really good to go to bed at night and you have the feeling that you got alot done.

I miss you girls.

Love you'll


The Coopers said...

LOVE IT!!! You girls did wonderful!

Anonymous said...

wow busy day thanks for takeing pictures so we could see!

ps.I realy like relish, I guess meg does too! bekah

Janet H. said...

Busy Day!!! My only creativity with relish is to mix it with mayo for yummy tartar sauce! It's also nice to add a teaspoon or two to pasta salads, chicken salad sandwich mix etc. A teaspoon here or there will still not make it easy to use up all that relish in one year though! Be encouraged....I made three batches for the 4 of us last year and I'm still trying to give it away! :)
Mrs. Hildebrand

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are amazing!! You sure do have a busy day, but glad you took some time out of that day to share it with us.

Elsie Waddell

Stacey said...

I can only hope and pray that I raise my kids to be as helpful and caring as you!! Awesome job.