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March 6, 2010

And Calving has Begun! (By: Megan)

This morning at 10am we had our first calf of the season. It is always a very exciting time when we start calving. And today some even got to watch them being born.
It's a girl! This is April and her new calf....Jen, Kerri, Jesse and Caleb were watching and waiting for this calf to be born while I was inside helping mom with brunch. I kept running in and out hoping I would see it being born but I misssed the birth by half a minute :(

I guess she dosn't like her picture taken...LOL!

And while Jen and I were checking on the new arrival we saw this...
Yep, another calf was ready to be born! And I wasn't about to miss this one! Here you can see just the hooves coming out.

Now you can see the head..

Here's Jennifer helping her out by grabbing the legs and giving a slight tug. This one probably would have had the calf fine on her own, but Jen can't stand not to help :) Sometimes, not very often though, we will have a calf that gets stuck and we have to put strings on it's legs and pull quite hard. Thankfully this cow had no problems!
It's another girl! Meet Bellar (affectionately named so because of the low, growling bellar she serenades us with every time she has a calf, at first it was kind of intimidating, but now we know that's just what she does and that she means no harm) and her sweet calf. She looks kind of lifeless right now, but as soon as she realizes she is free she will be trying her best to get up
Some of the other cows greeting the new arrival. I guess they can hardly wait until they have their own calf to lick off :-)

Isn't she a sweet, slippery looking thing? :) Her mother will soon have her all licked off and looking just as clean as can be!

So this has been the happenings on the Pauls' farm today..within a couple of hours, two brand new calves.

And this is just the beginning. There are LOTS more to come!


Shonni said...

How fun!!! And how precious to get to see a new little life being born...I love the pictures.

Shelby said...

how wonderful! calves are so precious :-)

Amy said...

Incredible! Thanks for sharing:)