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March 3, 2010


I just wanted to say a big thank you to all who have been praying for me since I posted this request. I am so thankful for each and every one of you who have said that you hold up our family daily in your prayers and I am once again overwhelmed and so grateful for our friends and fellow believers from far and near.

The baby is doing great as far as I can tell. We have heard a strong healthy heartbeat a couple of times. That's always so nice to hear :) I have been feeling more and more movement the last couple of days as the little arrow is letting me know he/she is in there! Sometimes it catches me off guard as in the busyness of life I often forget that I am even pregnant :) (I think those of you who have many children will know what I am saying!) But that little flutter brings a smile to my face and a feeling of LOVE to my heart for this dear, precious little life.

My blood pressure has been staying in the normal range. My Dr. has agreed to continue to let me monitor it at home, while continuing care with my midwife. And if it would happen to go up again then I would have shared care between her and my midwife. I can't tell you how grateful I am to the Lord for sending a Dr. to us that is so caring, not to mention reasonable. She has been a HUGE blessing to us. And have I ever told you how wonderful my midwife is? Well.....SHE IS :)

On another note, we are enjoying have Josh, Rebecca and baby Andrew home with us again. What a special little sweetie he is. It has been such a joy to cuddle and love on him. He is doing well, growing, and becoming more and more alert every day. He was scheduled to have hernia surgery this past Tuesday, but he has a cold so they postponed it until a later date. Please pray for him, that he would get over this cold quickly and be able to fight off the other germs he comes in contact with.

And just so you can take a peak at the little bundle that we get to cuddle with, here's a video of little Andrew taken last week. He's already changed a lot since then....but he's just as cute :)

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The Coopers said...

Oh he is precious! so thankful he is home with everyone! Thankful you are feeling well and your little peanut is doing good too. Praying for yall.