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March 15, 2011

A Morning With Mama by Joey

 Well since my sister Megan hacks my Mama's blog from time to time, I figured it would be okay if I did too!
So here is an official post from yours truly, Josiah James Daniel Pauls.

This morning a very rare thing happened. My Dad and all of my siblings, except for Jaden, went out to play hockey and left my dear Mama in charge of us. I don't very often get my Mama almost to myself, so I thought it would be a good topic for a post.

Please excuse the pictures. I am still rather spotted from those dreaded chicken pox!

Mama always says that she needs a couple more hands, so I decided that this was my morning to make that dream a reality!

First off it was time to correct some of the boys schoolwork. So naturally, being the helpful little man that I am, I got busy!

I think Mama was pretty pleased with me.
As you can see, I was quite proud of myself.

Ya know how a boy's just gotta be clean? Well it had been a little while since I  had a bath, and so I figured since I had Mama's undivided attention now would be the time to ask for one. The only problem being that I don't have those words in my vocabulary yet and so using words wasn't an option. It was time to let my actions speak. So I did what any 2 year old potty trainee would do....I messed my pants. And guess what....it worked great! Mama got me in that tub in record time! 

 Here you can see me having a scrub-a-dub time with my froggy. Yup, now I am squeaky clean. I think I might have to learn how to say "May I have a bath please" though, because Mama wasn't too impressed about the way I asked this time round! Sorry Mama :(

Well of course after having a bath I had to get dressed. Everything went fine until it was time to put on those crazy socks. Who invented socks anyway? Don't they know it would be a lot easier to put on if they actually made them the same size as your feet? Why do they make you squish into them? Just how's a two year old supposed to master this task anyway?

I figured Mama didn't have time for breakfast since she was so busy with us, so I kindly brought her a container of nuts. She seemed happy. It was a great breakfast, don't you think?

And of course Mama and I had to feed Jaden breakfast! Wow, I never knew there was so much work involved in feeding a baby! You have to keep him from touching the food, from blowing the food out of his mouth, from grabbing the spoon.....wow, babies keep you busy!!! I am glad I am 2 now so I am not so much work for my Mama!

Once Jaden had gobbled all that food up, it was time to wash him. Of course I volunteered for this one, after all, how often does one get to give his little brother a face wash?!?!?! I don't think he liked it too much, but hey, you make a mess, it's gotta be cleaned :)

After breakfast was all done with and all cleaned up I begged Mama to take us outside. I don't know these words either, so again I used actions. Mama didn't seem to mind these actions as much as my plea to have a bath though. It was simple, I just started to bring her my outside clothes, piece by piece, and she got the hint. You can't let a great sunny Manitoba day like this go to waste! Mama worked up a sweat getting us ready to go outside. I think she may be out of practice! She had to lay Jaden on the floor while she got her coat on and then we were ready to go explore the big outdoors!

First stop was the skating rink to help the boys beat the girls.
It didn't take me long to find my stick and get into the game

Now just to figure out how to hold the thing.
Before long I was shooting like an pro!

He shoots.....he scores!!!
Well, I didn't exactly get a goal, but I had fun, and I think I was a great help to my team.
Go boys Go!!!!

In my opinion you just can't go outside without visiting the barn! So off we went. We saw the cats, goat, chickens, turkey, cows and calves. I had a great time spending quality time with each one, petting them and talking to them! We went into the chicken pen to pick the eggs. I liked to look at the chickens from a distance, but when they started picking the snow off my boots, I wasn't too fond of them anymore. So we picked those eggs and got right out of there. Those things can be scary!!!

I really wanted to walk into the cow pen all by myself but Mama didn't think that was such a great idea. I thought since I am 2 and all I was plenty capable enough to walk in among the cattle. Mama said she thought  it was pretty funny that I wanted to walk right up to a big, huge cow, but was rather terrified of the little chickens. But she didn't understand that chicken pick you, cows don't!! It makes total sense to me.

Anyway, that is pretty much how our morning went.
I had lots of fun with Mama. I hope I didn't give her too hard of a time :)
Did I Mama????


mommyx12 said...

Looks like a great morning with 'mama.'

Shelby said...

the pics of cleaning Jaden up are the best! haha!

Leanne said...

I loved this!!!

"I'm two now, so I'm not so much work for Mama now."


What a sweet post. What a great morning.

PS: I never know what to do with myself when there's only one child here!!

Take care!

joel said...

Love this post! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last comment was from Julie, not Joel! Although I'm sure he'd say "too cute!" as well.

Forever Young said...

Your family is precious! And creative! Really hope we can meet someday.

Jennifer said...

So cute. I really liked your book list, it is interesting to see John Bevere and Voddie Baucham on the same page, we are fairly similar though.

Laura said...

What a cutie!! He's getting so big!