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March 8, 2011

When Megan Posts....

Hey all, It's Megan (oh please don't roll your eyes...I am not that bad am I? ).

Mom has been to busy to do any blogging the last few days
 so me being the kind daughter I am
 I thought I would help her out a bit and do a post for her! :)

Now I am not going to do anything glamorous or anything.
I can't
All I am going to do is post pictures, cause I love pictures! In fact when I look at blogs I usually just skip all the writing and look at the pictures :)
So here are some pictures of.....
Joey eating breakfast this morning (I know real exciting eh?! )

Oh, dear 
Maybe I should have just let this blog go silent until Mom had time to post.
I think that would have been a good idea eh?


The Mayo Family said...

Hello Megan,
We enjoyed the post....
How about a newsy picture post from all around the home?
Then we can see how
everyone is?
We are praying yall are feeling better & the "spots" are getting better!

Hollinger Family said...

I *heart* pictures too. =)
Post anytime Megan, I find you quite charming...

Pam's Pride said...

I love pictures too! I have way more pictures than words on my blog! LOL! Your family is so beautiful and I loved the chicken pox photos! What a bummer to get so many of hit with it at one time though!

Mrs. Stam said...

what a cutie pie, hoping you all are getting better!

Baby Blessings said...

Cute pictures :)

The post below:
We had the chicken pox at our house a few years ago. It was no big deal for the younger ones, but oh my goodness! McKenzie was awful! Not one spot of clear skin on her face and neck. She was covered! Wish we had been closer. I am looking for chicken pox to expose the little one that wasn't around then. With the vaccination, it is hard to find cses now!