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April 1, 2011

A Budding Hairdresser?


Plus This

Equals This


Who will now be wearing THIS

Funny, but not so funny thing is....she did this a few months back and her hair just nicely came back in! She has always had this thing with hair, ever since a tiny baby sucking her thumb. If she would find even one strand of hair she would hold it in her hand while sucking her thumb. We couldn't figure out how she could even feel that strand of hair it was so tiny...but she did.  

Then when she got a little older....she wanted a few more strands in her hand so she resorted to PULLING HER HAIR OUT!!! Don't worry though....she only pulled it out on one side :) So we put gloves on her pjamas so she could no longer do that anymore. It worked nicely and her hair was coming back in again.

Then she decided that she would like to be a little bald on top....and she cut her own hair......TWICE NOW!!!!!! We keep telling her that if she keeps cutting her hair it will never grow nice and long so we can put barrettes and pony tails in it......not to mention she will be wearing a hat for the rest of her life!!! I am really hoping that this will be her last little escapade. I don't think she was too pleased with the job she did this time though cause when I told her to look in the mirror I asked her if she liked it and she started crying and said beneath her tears, "NO!"

And poor Jennifer has to keep trying to make Kaya's haircuts look somewhat respectable!!!! There's only so much you can do with a bald spot right on the top of a little girls head!!!


Mrs. Stam said...

Oh no!!!! Sorry, hope it's grows fast!!!

Leanne said...

Oh man.....

I do hope it grows out fast! I was always cutting my hair as a kid.

That's probably NOT what you wanted to hear!

Wouldn't it be great if she became a hair dresser??

Teena said...

She is still so cute! My little boys use to do this every time they found scissors!


jeremy and/or laura said...

ha ha! this one matches Isaiahs. he just did the same thing. he says he wants to go bold (bald). and now he is sitting here at the computer reading over my sholder.

The Writings of Grace said...

Oh no! I keep waiting for my four year old to cut his hair! It just seems like something he would think to do.
Well, at least her little face is adorable! And, her hair will grow.:)

The Writings of Grace said...

Well, I see my daughter is signed in on the computer! Oh well, it was from me....
www.sixoliveplants.blogspot.com :)