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April 6, 2011

May May Bring Showers, but around here April Brings Birthdays

We started April off by celebrating the births of two of our sweet children. We'll start with the oldest.....

Nathan Daniel was born 04/04/04. He was the only child who has made it easy for me to remember the year he was born.....it gets tough after awhile when someone asks you the years that all your children were born :) But I come to Nathan's year with a smile and rattle it off....just like that!!!!!

Nathan is a mixture of quiet/loud, laid back/high strung, passionate/passive, sweet/sweeter!!! Nathan really likes little children, especially babies. To put it frankly, up until now, it has been kind of a hard thing, because he would always overwhelm babies with his hugs and kisses and they would end up getting quite upset when he was around. But he has found a way into Jaden's heart. And I am sure it is not on Jaden's part, cause if any baby would get upset, it would be Jaden. I think Nathan has finally figured out the way to treat babies and how to make them like to be around him. Now when Jaden sees Nathan he gives him a big smile and usually wants Nathan to pick him up!!! So now I can not only say Nathan loves babies, but also that babies love him!!! Yeah!!
Nathan is often very quiet and softspoken, but many times he is very loud! He has not quite found that in between :) He has a very sensitive heart and will melt in a puddle of emotion in a moment. This is also something he has gotten way better at and seems to have less and less meltdowns. I am so proud of him and the self-control he has shown.

He has many playmates. He is sometimes found playing boy stuff with his 3 older brothers, or if he feels like playing house, cooking, or more quiet type things, he plays with his sisters. How blessed he is....so many playmates!

He also really likes horses and cows and is out doing stuff at the barn whenever it works out. This year he has been Jennifer's shadow while she is working with the calves.

Nathan also likes sports and is very athletic for a little guy. He played a lot of ice hockey with us this year and was quick to learn where he could be useful. Being so small he can't outskate most everybody, but he found out if he stood by the opponents net, there may be a chance to score. He made quite a few goals that way!

Nathan also has a deep love for God and is a real thinker when it comes to spiritual things. He is really good at memorizing scriptures and keeps right up with his older brothers.

We love you Nathan and are so glad that God gave you as a gift to us (the meaning of Nathan's name is "Gift of God"). You are a very special young man and I look forward to see how God is going to work in your life this coming year.

Happy 7th birthday Nate :)

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,
and comes down from the Father of lights,
with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
James 1:17

Oh and one more thing....Nathan is really good at feeding  babies, and here are some pictures to prove it!!!


Shelby said...

Happy Birthday! the pics of him feeding Jaden are hilarious!

Clarissa said...

what a handsome little helper! so sweet that he loves babies!