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June 29, 2011

Feeling Blessed

Do you ever have something happen to you that just makes you feel loved? Loved by God, loved by someone?
This happened to me yesterday.

You see we have this garden.....this really big garden. And then we have this other garden.....this little bit smaller than the really big garden, but still a big garden.

And then we have these weeds. These "getting bigger by the moment" weeds. These weeds that were making the garden look like a jungle rather than the sweet little oasis that it should be.

And then we had this tiller. A fairly new tiller. A tiller that used to work very well. A tiller that used to make the garden look very respectable. But right now, a very broken down tiller.

Then we had me and my daughters who felt totally overwhelmed at having to hoe this entire BIG garden and the other still big, but a little smaller garden, by hand. An especially overwhelming and back breaking task this year due to all the rain making the ground very hard!

Then we have this "fix the tiller" man. A man who said it would be 2 very long weeks before the very broken tiller would be fixed.

Then you have me. Me who was getting a tad anxious about this overgrown garden. Me, who is already having a very frustrating gardening year. Me, who was having a very, very BAD ATTITUDE. Me, sharing complaining to a friend about a very broken down tiller

Then you have a God, Who loves me in spite of my weaknesses. A God Who loves me too much to leave me in my discontent. A God who gently points out to me that the discontent in my heart is not pleasing to Him.

Then you have me. A very humbled me. A very repentant me. A me who has an attitude change....from very BAD....to trying her very best to be CONTENT.

Then you have a very wonderful God. A God Who cares about even the smallest details of my life.

Then you have very sweet friends. Friends who made my day!

Then you have this tiller.....this very, very oldish looking tiller. A tiller that you CAN NOT judge by its looks! A tiller that beats the newish broken down tiller (even when it is functioning at it's best) by a long shot! A tiller that the same very sweet friends dropped off at our place yesterday.

Then you have me. Totally, totally, totally BLESSED! Totally THANKFUL!

Then you have 2 gardens  that no longer look like a jungle. 2 gardens that are looking more and more weed free.

Then you have me who learned a few very big lessons this week.
1) Never underestimate the power of an older looking tiller!
2) As hard as it is sometimes, it pays to be content. Not only does your heart feel good....it feels GREAT!
3) A great lesson from a young couple who chose to be a blessing....even if it meant going out of their way to help someone out.....May I be like that!
4) It's just not worth sweating over the small things. They will not matter in eternity....but my attitude will.

A big thanks to Mike and Jeanette for lending us your tiller. Words cannont express how much it meant to us :)


The Munck Family said...

Sweet friend so happy for your blessing! God is good all the time! I hope your garden season gets better!

Mrs. Pauls said...

It is a very old tiller! I think Mikes Grandma used it when she still lived on the farm.

As long as it starts I am happy!

We are happy to bless you in return for how you have blessed us many times over.


Rose said...

a tiller makes all the difference in a big garden! I have many memories of growing up on a farm and having to hoe/pick weeds on my hands and knees b/c we had no tiller...and my parents had 10 children to feed! I look back and don't know how we kids did it!