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June 20, 2011

Good Excuse?

We were on our way to church on Sunday enjoying the drive when all of a sudden Mark put on the brakes and started to back up the van. He said he thought he saw a turtle on the side of the road. And he did....a big one!!!! So we stopped the van, let the kids take off their seat belts and admire this amazing creature!!! He stared at us all gauking at him as if to say,

" What's all the fuss about!"

This extra stop made us late for church but over the years we have learned that sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things in life :)


Hollinger Family said...

Definitely worth stopping for... and memories for the making.

mommyx12 said...

Your kids will remember this day forever. How fun.

Elisa said...

Awesome!!... I think I can learn alot from you:) Hopefully next time I will stop and enjoy the little things in life!