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August 22, 2012

Bringing in the Produce

This time of year is always so rewarding. After all the long days of planting, weeding and caring for the garden the produce comes pouring in.

The last month or so we've been busy with peas, raspberries, apples and cucumbers. The cucumbers especially seem never ending this year and today we made our last batch of relish. We have decided that we have put up enough pickles and relish and now it's time to just eat the cucumbers!

Today was another busy gardening day as we blanched and froze our first picking of corn. As far as I can tell we will have at least 2 more pickings. For more photos of our happenings today you can visit Jen's blog.

What's left besides corn? Apples and tomatoes. We will make apple pie filling, apple sauce, salsa, pasta sauce and pizza sauce. That will be all for the canning part and the rest of the garden (potatoes and carrots) will stay in the ground as long as it can in the fall when we will dig them up and store them in the root cellar.

Of course all this has to be done in between/during the harvest of our crops, making life very very busy! But it's worth it to know that we will be able to enjoy it all this winter!!! I will have a harvest update coming soon :)

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Busyness is so productive! But exhausting too....even though many hands makes light work...in theory.....lol!

May I say I'm just a teeeeeenie bit jealous of your crops and your harvest?? We're still trying out front in our small yard. I guess one can take dominion over the earth no matter how big or small a yard is, huh?

Thanks for the update!!