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August 28, 2012

Time to Pick Eggs!

WARNING: If you are offended by the words pooting, fluffing, tooting or blowing smoke....you may want to skip this post :)

Yesterday a few of us were busy husking corn. We were having a nice time talking about stuff when one of our sons ( surprise, surprise....it was a SON...not a daughter!!) piped up, "Who pooted?" (for those of you who are not familiar with this action it could also be called fluffing, tooting or blowing smoke!) Anyway, I think you get the picture!

So of course everyone looks at everyone else and nobody admits to anything and then Nathan says, "I guess that means its time to pick eggs!" Now understand, I have heard many a strange thing come out of my kids mouths over the years, but this particular reasoning I had never heard! So of course I asked the question that was burning on my lips, "What in the world does pooting have to do with picking eggs?" Well Zachary was happy to enlighten me and he said, "We made a rule that whenever someone poots we have to go pick eggs!" At this point Jen and I looked at each other and burst out laughing!!!

So here's the thing. We have all these laying hens, but I am not happy with the amount of eggs we have been getting from them. I have been after the boys to pick them more often just in case the hens are eating them or some rodent is stealing them. But still...not many eggs!

BUT...now after this conversation....I have been enlightened!!!! I now know the trick!!! I know how to remedy the situation!



The Munck Family said...

Lol....haha!!!! We Muncks are all in the kitchen canning and reading this...we are rolling in the floor laughing!

Wow, with that many boys eating beans you'll be over ran with eggs and pickers ;-)

Karen said...

Ha ha! Cute!

Godly-young-widow said...

Like this a lot! Enjoy your beans.....

Marc said...

I enjoyed "catching up" reading your blog. Congratulations on another grandbaby on the way! :o)

Baby Blessings said...

I didn't realize I wasn't signed in. Anyway... it was me. :o)

Laura said...

That's hilarious! Our kids call it "froofing". :)