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August 11, 2006

Finally Things are Getting Better

Well, I am finally home for the first time in 2 weeks. Mark came today to let me go home for a bit. It is very nice to be home again. I thought when I came home that we would be bringing Caleb home too, but this has not been the case. On Monday Caleb had to have a major surgery to remove adhesions that had formed on his bowel. He also had pockets of pus throughout his abdomen. It was a hard decision to make (to go ahead with the surgery) as we were getting conflicting reports from the pediatrition and the surgeon. The ped was saying that things were getting better, but the surgeon was saying they weren't. He had his stomach pumped for three days and we were not happy with the progress so we decided to go ahead with the surgery. They cut down the middle of his tummy and washed everything out again. Had they know his appendix was ruptured they probably would have done a more extensive washing the first time, but being that they thought it was just a regular appendix removal they only made a tiny incision, not big enough to wash things out thoroughly. So that was Monday, since then Caleb has daily been showing improvement. Last night they took the tube out of his nose. And today they took him off the IV except for meds. The poor kid had not eaten (and kept it down) for 13 days. I know it was only God's strength that kept his body going. Yesterday he ate for the first time and kept it down so that was exciting. Then the bowel movements started and things seem like they are moving through. Probably tomorrow they will take the hemovac (surgery drain) out and Lord willing by Sunday he should be able to come home!!! Once again thank you to every one of you for your prayers. They have meant so much to us and I know that they have carried our family through this very difficult time. I have had a couple of opportunities to share Christ's love with some of the staff in the hospital and found out that they are watching very closely. The housekeeper even said ,"I have been watching you, you are very strong people." I was then able to share with her how many people were praying and that our strength came from the Lord. We continued on a conversation about her family and I felt God was really tugging on her heart. So yes it has been a long haul, but in it we have seen many nuggets of light. And God is still in control and He is still faithful. Praise the Lord! PS I would post pictures of Caleb in the hospital but I forgot the camera there, so maybe next time.

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