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August 13, 2006

He's Back

Well we are excited to say that Caleb is back home. He came home yesterday. He is doing quite well, a little weak, but gaining strength quickly. He seems a little skinny as he lost some weight, but his appetite has been good so I'm sure in no time he will be great! I crashed yesterday and realized just how much the prayers of everyone were keeping me going. Being in the early stages of pregnancy and not much sleep normally would have wiped me out, but it wasn't until yesterday that I felt really exhausted. Thank you Lord for Your strength. I have posted a couple of pics below of our hospital stay. Oh ya, by the way, for those of you who didn't pick up the clue of us getting a new van in March, we are expecting a new little blessing in our home at the end of March. We are excited to see who God will send our way this time.

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Jody & Denyse said...

Welcome home Caleb. We are so glad you are home and doing well.