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October 3, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday To Megan

Megan 1 yrs old
Megan's 15th birthday
Yesterday was Megan's 15th birthday.
It was a day of relaxing, presents, riding horse, and basically doing what she wanted.
I am sure I have mentioned it before, but on your birthday around here, you get the day off.
No chores, no meals, no wash, no taking care of kids.....nothing. One day a year, that's it!!
Things are still pretty busy here on the farm wrapping up the fall work and such so Mark did not get to spend as much time as he would have liked to celebrating :( But the year Megan was born we were only 1/2 done combining. We are glad that is not the case this year :)
When Megan was younger and people who knew me when I was little saw here they would say it was just like turning back the clock and seeing me little again. I think we are alike in many other ways to but don't tell her that :)
Megan is a very task oriented person. She sees a job she needs to get done and she does it. Promptly, efficiently, just gets it done. She keeps me on my toes with my scheduling. She makes sure I get where I need to get when I need to. Sometimes I rely on that too much:) What am I ever going to do if she gets married someday?
She has always had a heart of compassion and used to actually cry when we would discipline her siblings, until we put an end to that! Now you see her heart for people when someone is sick, in distress, or just needing a pick me up. You will often find her making a card for someone, for whatever reason. It is very rare for her to forget someone's birthday or other special occasion.
She can be very quiet (although her sisters would tell you otherwise!) and is not quick to make just anyone her friend. It takes her awhile to open up to people. But in her quietness is a wisdom. She doesn't just do things on a whim, she thinks things through. And because of this she is very wise in her choices.
Over the years what people have complimented her on the most is her smile. As a little baby her smile was infectious, and still is today. It lights up her whole face.
As most of you know Megan loves taking pictures. Am I ever glad for digital cameras as it is not unusual for her to take a couple hundred pictures a week. That would have been expensive before digital! We are forever downloading pictures and deciding which ones to keep and which ones to delete. When she is missing, you can be sure to find her outside somewhere taking a picture of something or someone. It is very handy to have someone like this in the family as every occasion is well documented! Although photos of her are very hard to come by as she is usually behind the lense.
Megan likes to sing and play the penny whistle. She is working on learning the flute too.
Every once in awhile you will also hear her sing opera although I don't think it's meant for our listening ears!
She has the most amazing curls in her hair. I think sometimes she finds it challenging, but we love it. We often tell her people will pay money to get curls like that. Maybe someday she will let me post a picture of her many different 'do's'?!?
All in all we love Megan. She is a gift to our family and adds so much. Her smile, her gifts, her talents, her goofiness......we love it all (most of the time:)
Happy Birthday Megan.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday "late" Megan, hope your day was great.

OK,my girls read this and wanted to know why they have to work on their birthdays :( They are voting to over turn that...and they out number us.

The Pauls' said...

OOPS!!! I guess majority rules (hee, hee). Don't they wish.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Megan!