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October 16, 2008


I am getting behind on my October birthdays. I will start with Zachary. It was on Thursday, Oct. 16th. Zippy Zachary!
We always say Zachary reminds us of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
Jumpy, bouncy, full of fun, fun, fun!
Zachary is a very 'passionate' person.
When he is happy, he is very happy.
When he is upset, he is very upset.
Not very often is he found without a smile on his face though!
Actually, it's hard to put Zachary into words!
The other day he was helping me with the dishes.
He asked me how it was that we still have the Bible after all these years.
How did it not get lost.
So we talked about how God had preserved it, His Word to us.
He then asked how the people who wrote the Bible knew what to write.
I said God told them what to write.
He was quiet for a little while and then he asked if God just speaks to big people, or if he speaks to kids too.
I told him He speaks to kids and adults.
He then asked if God spoke to people in the morning or at night.
I told him that He speaks to us all the time but sometimes we hear Him better at night because we are quiet.
He then said he didn't think he had ever heard God speak to Him but he would like Him to.
I said that he should talk to God about it.
But I guess that sums up Zachary.
He has a real soft heart for the things of God and thinks deep.
We got him a Bible for his birthday and he thanked us for it over and over again.
He treasured that more than the toys.
He has a love for God's Word.
We have always said that we think he might be a preacher someday.
But not a preacher who stands still in the pulpit:)
When he was younger and we would watch preachers on a video, you would often find him the next day 'preaching' to his younger siblings.
We love you Zachary! Hope you had a great year and pray that you will grow closer to God in the coming year.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Happy "late" Birthday Zachary!!!
I look forward to the day when James can meet you, he'll be 8 in November. You both have a lot in common. I pray God give you a great safe year!!!