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October 29, 2008

Working Bees and Projects Done

We have been getting lots done around the yard lately. It started in the spring with putting in new windows and siding the house, we did some cementing (bins and our milking barn), our biggest project and one that we have wanted to do for a very long time was to take down the old house that was right beside ours. Over the years it got more and more deteriorated until is was unsafe to have around. Plus little & stinky critters were starting to find it a great place to make their home which we were not so thrilled about! So this fall we had the time and the ambition, and down it came. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what went down!
Here is what you would see standing beside our house when driving onto our yard.
The house was about 30 feet from ours.
We disassembled for a couple of days between rain while we were combining.
The rafters were carefully disassembled for future use.
Other lumber was also salvaged.
This house was built much stronger than most houses now a days.
Nice for standing, not so nice when taking down :)
Now it looks like we are making progress.
It was nice to have the trusty John Deere to help with taking some walls down and other things that just made the job a little quicker.
We plan to build a tack shop with these walls.
When it got to this point they were tempted to keep it as a lookout.
The view from up there was really nice.
But we couldn't stop there.
Here's the view from the other side.
You can see our house on the left side.
By this point the end was in sight.
Here is what you see now when you drive onto our yard. It took about 9 long hard days to complete this project. Way to go to our amazing kids, for going out there day after day, even though exhausted, to help complete this huge job. Now we just have to work on making the corrals pretty :) And to Rebecca who chose to come out even though she knew what she was getting herself into. And of course the foreman, the encourager, the come on guys, we can do it, man of the project, my sweet, himself! Great job hon!! I hope to post some pictures of the actual people involved soon. But this will be all for now. Ta, ta.

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Laura said...

I'm speechless...what a major undertaking! The pictures where great. It's wonderful to see what a family can do "together". Hope you all get a little rest:)