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October 14, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year.
We celebrated with Mark's parents on Wed. and with my family on Sunday.
Here is a photographic journey.
It all started with a turkey.
Jennifer had the great idea of purchasing a live turkey.
So we did and butchered it on Saturday.
Just as a side note, do you see Jennifer anywhere in this picture???
Hmmmmm....great idea Jen!
Later she informed us she had meant some year, not neccessarily this one.
Ya, probably thinking once she has left home :)
My 'sweet' doing the dunking.
Everyone trying their hand at the plucking game.
Gotta get that bird clean!
I know it looks like we are dancing instead of working but...
He was just helping me take my coat off :)
Ahhh...the fun part. Getting those insides out.
This turkey had a couple of nasty bruises on his wing and leg.
Must have gotten into a nasty turkey fight somewhere!
We started a new tradition with our family a couple of years ago.
Everyone writes on a scrap book page about what they are thankful for.
Here is the page Megan made for us to journal on this year.
Let the games begin!
L-R: My mom, Joshua, My brother Travis
My kooky little brother Jeremy.
My Pops!
Yes, you can text and stir gravy at the same time (and many other thing I might add!)
Rebecca and her family were on holidays so she couldn't be with us.
We missed you Rebecca :(
But we were glad you could spend time with your family :)
It wouldn't be a family gathering without Grama reading to the little ones.
Of course it did take her awhile to find her glasses! (inside joke)
L-R: My Nephew Isaiah, Nathan, My Mom, Jesse
And here's the little lady herself hamming things up! There are so many things to be thankful for again this year.
We got all our crops off which was a challenge all in itself with lots of rain.
Our bins were literally full and overflowing.
The crops were great!
Family is another blessing.
I am thankful for every day with my husband.
We are thankful for every day with our children.
Life is so fragile.
Our God is a great God.
No matter what our circumstances are this does not change.
The Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
You can't say that about anything else in this life.
What an assurance, what a gift.
I feel blessed!


Laura said...

Hello sweet friends! I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving in an E-mail but, now internet for the past 2 days in Nicaragua...well where we are. It looks like you had a wonderful family time! I enjoyed all the pictures and seeing some extended family. On Thanksgiving we make leaves and write on them what we are thankful for, last year we made turkeys and on the feathers wrote what we were tahnkful for....then we read them together at dinner. FUN TIMES!!!!

Hope you all are doing well, love your way!

Karen said...

That's a big turkey! I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving. I had such a hard time thinking of something to say I was thankful for. Not because I wasn't thankful but because I couldn't choose. God has been great to us too!

Dianna said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Yes, we too are praising God from whom all blessings flow!!! So thankful and so unworthy!