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February 21, 2009

7 Days and Counting Down

The excitement it building... 7 more days until Joshua and Rebecca enter into the covenant of marriage. It is so fun to watch a couple in love, in anticipation, the passion, the excitement. A picture of how we are to feel about our Heavenly bridegroom. Passion for spending time with Him, anticipation for Him to return for His church, excitement to tell the world about Him. It's been a good reminder for me. So you probably won't hear much from me in the next week or so because of the busyness of the occasion. I do plan on posting some links to others blog posts that I have found helpful to me. I hope you enjoy them. I will post wedding photos as soon as I can! Until then :)

1 comment:

The Munck Family said...

I can't believe that the BIG day is fastly approaching! Our many prayers are with you all in the days ahead. God be with each of you and the uniting of your children.

We look forward to pictures!

We will see you after the wedding:)