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February 10, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Kerri!

When you were born life was very busy. We had 4 little ones ages 5 and under. We were so busy in fact that we hardly have any photos of your first few months. You got off to a bit of a rocky start. Like clock work you would cry and cry from 7-11 every evening. Nothing could console you. But it was almost overnight when you stopped that at around 3 months old. Then you were the happiest Pauls baby. Very contented just to look at what was going on around. It was like we were dreaming about you being fussy :) As you grew up you were always the life of the family. You could always find someway to make us laugh. Our family diary is loaded with the funny things you said. Things like when we slammed the door and you said,
“Ooo, That made my ears jump!” And here we are today, your 14 already. You have grown into a beautiful young lady. If I would think of a couple of words to describe you It would be “contented” “selfless” “repentant” You have always been the one to ask if you could help me. You have been the one who will take little ones and give mama’s a break. You have been the one who is more concerned of what others want than yourself. You never let on that you need anything, even when you do And when you commit an offense, you are very quick to make things right. If I think of the phrases I hear most often from you they would be, “It doesn’t matter to me, whatever you guys want.” “Will you please forgive me.” “I’ll be fine.” “Is there anything I can do to help?” God has given you an amazing talent of a beautiful singing voice. I love to hear you sing as you bring an atmosphere of worship to our home. Out of your mouth comes pure worship to God. You know that worship is not just about a song, it’s a lifestyle. And it shows in the way that you live your life. As you begin a new year my prayer would be: That you would live a life pleasing to the Lord. That your heart and actions would be a reflection of your Heavenly Father. That the joy of the Lord would carry you through the mountain tops and the valleys. That nothing would be more important to you than yielding
your life to the plan that God has for you. That you would know and experience God’s perfect love.
Kerri we love you and are so glad that God chose you to be a part of our family. Happy Birthday Kerisco ;)


Mckenzie Quilter said...

What a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday Kerri
Harry and Nancy.

Laura said...

Happy Birthdday from the Muncks!!!

What a beautiful tribute, to a beautiful girl. We look very forward to meeting you, you and Rebekah have a lot in common and it's not just your birthday.
God bless you and be with you through out this year :)