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February 6, 2009

Hair's and Do's

We have a friend who has been experimenting with Jennifer and Kerri's hair
to see which style they would like for the wedding.
So we thought it would be fun to include you, our faithful blog readers in our decision.
Should they wear their hair half up, or all the way up?
Jennifer half-up do
Jennifer back view of half-up doJennifer side view of all up d0 Jennifer all up do Kerri half-up do
Kerri back view of half-up do
Kerri side view of half-up do Kerri all up do
Kerri side view of all up do
So they want to know "what do you think?"


Laura said...

Elizabeth, Amanda, and I think half up... the back is just so pretty! We think they both have beautiful hair!

Anonymous said...

I vote 1/2 up for both.

Denyse said...

I think half up do for Jennifer and all up do for Kerri. But they both look beautiful no matter which way they choose.

Chris and Nettie Pauls said...

Chris says all up and I say half up for both. Enjoy the exciting time of planning.

Anonymous said...

I vote Jennifer half up-do and
Kerri all up do. They are beautiful either way, though!

- bundles of joy -

Mckenzie Quilter said...

Harry says "wow" so he's no help at all in the decision making. I'm not going to be much better as I think both styles look beautiful. I'm sort of leaning towards 1/2 up though.

Anonymous said...

Both up do's so the bride has the option of either, since she has such lovely long hair that would look gorgeous all down.

Kimberly said...

Half-up...the girls are both beautiful and can easily pull both off, but I really like the half-up!

The Mayo Family said...

Our vote is...
they look beautiful both ways...however for such a special day as a wedding the styles all the way up seem to be lovely & more fitting! The girls are so pretty!
I have helped fix hair for weddings and it always seem to be up do's!
Jessica-Momma of 8's oldest!

Laura said...

I vote for all-up! They both look very pretty...I can't wait to see wedding pictures!