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February 5, 2009

My Husband, A Champion

Well if there is one thing you need to know about the Pauls', it's that they love to curl. When Mark and I were dating he used to curl almost every weekend during the winter. After we got married he curled a little less, but still regularly once a week and the occasional weekend bonspiel. Then when God started blessing us with children he decided that he needed to hang up the old broom and put away the curling shoes and concentrate on raising a family. But every once in awhile someone calls him up to curl in a bonspiel. This last weekend was such a time. With the ol' sparkle in his eye Mark dusted off his broom, slipped on his curling shoes (which he has worn ever since I have known him) and hit the ice. Even though the ice was tough and conditions were less than ideal, my sweetie (and his teemmates of course:) made it to the finals on Sunday. I was just going to let Mark go and play the game on Sunday, give us a report on how it went and then continue on with our day. But I saw the excitement in our kids eyes and the yearning to go and watch him, so the kids and I jumped in the van and went to the game. (Even though we were a little late). The kids were so excited when their hero, their daddy won! It was so fun to watch their reaction and hear comments like "Daddy's a really good curler." Their daddy, their hero! And even though it took an effort to get everyone there, it was well worth it. Caleb was so excited about the trophy that he would hardly let it out of his sight. When we got home he asked Mark what he should do with it. Mark asked Caleb if he would keep it safe in his room for him. Of course that made his day! So there you have it, my husband, a champion. Oh ya, and my wonderful husband let me pick his prize because in his words, "You had to stay home, while I went out and curled." So he passed up all the wonderful guy things and I picked out a foldable table. Something that will come in real handy when we have company.
So here's to my husband. A CHAMPION!
Of course it didn't take a curling game for his family to know that :)
Here is the picture from the local newspaper. Mark and his two cousins,
Ben and Harry and Ben's son Eric.


Laura said...

How cool! Congratulations, and glad you all had fun. Hope we can eat/play games off the new table?!

Denyse said...

Congratulations Mark. Hope you remembered to bring an extra pair of pants along this time. :)