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May 13, 2010

We Teach Them Young!

Around here we like to start homeschooling them at a young age.
Take Little Joey for instance.
Yesterday he did a couple of science experiments and learned about the density of certain objects.
He learned that a plastic spoon and an ear plug float in a fish tank....
(and that water also causes the ear plugs to expand so big there is no way they will fit in mom's ears!)
While a remote control sinks in the toilet (and also causes them to cease working)
YEP! we teach 'em young!


DeanO said...

That's great. Thanks for sharing such sweet happenings in your family

Amy said...

That's funny yet so true! Boy, he's a cutie :)

Coreen Berube said...

Oh that is hilarious - put that way....Ella is "learning" already too! Boy they would have some fun together!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! I'v found many toys in my toilet too!! He is just so adorable!

Stam House said...

that is hilarious!!!! love it!!!

Ps I washes our remote control (by accident) while doing laundry, live and learn I guess LOL!!!

We teach our little one very young but they also teach us a great deal :-)

Have a blessed day


The Munck Family said...

I love that boy!!!! He'll keep you "all" on your toes!!!

Auntie Laura