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May 31, 2010

Grandma's B-day

On Sunday we celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday.
It was kind of a double celebration because it was the first time we have seen my brother, Jeremy, his wife, Laura and son Isaiah since they left for Vietnam last July.
Even though it was cool, we actually had some sunshine and spent the afternoon outside.
Josiah enjoying eating outdoors

Mikaya and Nathan

Jumping Fun! (Mikaya, Brooke and Isaiah)

The birthday girl herself. Doesn't look 60, does she?

My family's most favorite steak barbecuing person (who just happens to be my adorable husband :)

Josh and Rebecca filling up!

The cousin trio (Isaiah, Mikaya and Brooke)

Chow time (Jeremy and Mark)

Yum, Yum.....(Laura and my mom)

The birthday girl blowing out her candle (we didn't have 60)

Here is a video of how we surprised my mom. Everyone but mom knew that Jeremy, Laura and Isaiah were going to be at her birthday party. She thought they were still traveling. So we set up a Skype call, with Jeremy and Laura being in the other part of the house, but mom thought they were still far away :) Let's just say she was quite surprised!




The Munck Family said...

Looks like an awesome birthday!!! Happy Birthday from ALL the Muncks...we love you!

AND "NO" she does look or at 60...so beautiful :)

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Friends,
How sweet! :)
Makes it so special to have everyone together! Your Momma is so attractive...no she does "not" look her age! :) How cute that she was sooo shocked of their being there, just makes ya want to cry at her seeing them!
Glad your time was sweet!
Happy Be-lated to your Mom!