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October 13, 2010

Menu Plan Week 3

Week 3 down on the menu plan.

Here's our opinion.

6 layer lasagna was pretty yummy. One mistake we made was not putting enough sauce in the hamburger so it was a little dry. Also we used no cook lasagna noodles and they were a little tough around the edges. So next time I would use the kind you cook and make sure that the hamburger mix and cheese is right to the edges. And I would add garlic bread to the menu.

Roasted Chicken is something we have all the time. The key was to make enough for Thursdays meal. Not much beats a good homemade chicken, potatoes, gravy and salad.

The Cream of Celery soup was okay, but it needed something. Not sure what, just something. So we decided we will stick with Cream of Carrot Soup instead. We'll just through some celery in there too! The Cordon Bleu Bread was not worth the effort. We would rather have Duggar Rolls or Italian Cheese Bread.

Baked Chicken Casserole was another one that reminded us of a recipe that we prefer. Chicken Roni Casserole. You could use any can of cream soup instead of mushroom soup if you would rather.

We never got to the Mashed Potato Casserole because we had company and didn't want to try out a new recipe on them :) So we had pizza instead with this healthy crust. No one was complaining!!!!

So not sure that this week was this successful in finding new recipes. Thankfully we can fall back on our tried and true recipes!

Here's week 4's menu plan.

Monday: Taco Bake, Lettuce Salad
Tuesday: Oven Baked Steak, Chinese Style Baked Potatoes, Oriental Salad
Wednesday: Cream of Carrot Soup, Biscuits
Thursday: Beef Italian, Salad
Friday: Hamburgers, Texas Potatoes, Raw Veggies

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