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October 4, 2010

You'd Think We Live in Texas!

Since fall is here, it is clean up time around the yard.
The other day we were cleaning up the garden.
When we got to the cucumbers we found this humongous one hiding under the plant.
Oops! I guess we missed this one!

Megan was drooling over how much relish she could make with a few of these :)
(To read about Megan and her obvious fondness of relish go HERE )

Nathan is the cucumber fanatic of the family so he had to bring it in and show it to everybody.

To prove to you just how big this cucumber was, we got our sweet little model to pose with it...

How's that for BIG?


Stam House said...

wow indeed this is a big one :-)

Teena said...

wow!! How cool!


Mrs. Pauls said...

Wow! That is big. When ours start getting too big, they turn yellow. This one looks like it might still be good for eating!


The Munck Family said...

Huge ...wow!

Give sweet Kaya a hug for me!

Laura said...

Wow! That's huge! I've been really behind on blog reading lately, and I've enjoyed getting caught up on yours!