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October 16, 2010

Secret Saturday

Can you guess what this is?
Comment and tell us what you think.
Then come back on Monday and see the whole picture!


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

A bush thingy for inside jars or bottles.

Stam House said...

looks like a dish scrubby thingy but the white stuff I have no clue what that could be??? I'm probably totally off on the scrubby thingy!

Anonymous said...

a scrubby for cleaning tough spots off of dishes?


Anonymous said...

It looks like a very close up of a kurly kate (is what we called them - i think some people call them pot scrubbers) with a brush at the other end.

Amy said...

The end of a kitchen sink scrubbing brush for cleaning the dishes?

Sues said...

a bottle brush and a plastic scrubby thing.

Mrs. Pauls said...

I'm thinking it is a scrub brush of some sort.