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June 2, 2009

The Fire Within

Ever hear these comments? My son slept through the night when he was 1 month….My daughter has never had a drop of formula…..My son has only worn cloth diapers…..My daughter walked at 9 months… My son said 10 words at 10 months…..My daughter eats broccoli, artichokes, onions (raw) & salad….My son is the best baseball player on his team…..My daughter won first place at the piano festival…My son graduated with academic honours……My daughter could read at the age of 4.……My son was chosen class valedictorian……My daughter was the best of everyone in her ballet class…….My son knew his multiplication facts when he was 6.…..My daughter won first place for her speech on ‘Saving the Environment’…..My son is the best hockey player on his team….
But do how many times have you heard….My daughter shared her favorite doll today….My son said a kind word to his sibling….My daughter was patient with her little brother….My son showed love even though he felt left out….My daughter was joyful when she didn‘t get the toy she asked for….My son was gentle when his friend pushed him…My daughter was peaceful in a stressful situation….My son showed self-control when he didn’t get his way….My daughter was not envious when her sister got to do something she couldn’t….My son was not rude to the most obnoxious kid on the block….My daughter thought of others first….My son didn’t tattle….My daughter was obedient…
I am guessing that you have heard the first more than the latter phrases. Why is this? Why is it okay to 'brag' about our kids ‘achievements’ but it seems like we are bragging if we boast about their heart issues? Well my humble opinion is that in raising our kids we sometimes tend to be more concerned and proud of their outward behaviour than the real heart of the matter…their heart.
I was talking with another mom about this awhile back, how as parents we can be so concerned and proud of these 'accomplishments’ when in truth an exclusively breast fed infant can still become a convict, a totally cloth diapered baby can become a drug addict, the 'smartest' school girl can still become a rebellious teen.
As parents we really need to get in perspective what is going to last for eternity. It is not these outward ‘signs’ that will shape and form what really matters, their heart. It will be the training you put into teaching them the fruits of the Spirit, teaching them what true love is.
Outward behaviour and good looks isn’t enough. It will not last for eternity. We need to train our children to ‘Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:4-6 This is what will matter for eternity.
Someone once said, “Christians are sometimes like people who are trying to straighten the picture on the wall while the house is burning down!” Sometimes as parents this is what we tend to do, put all of our energy into the outward appearance of our children and all the while ignoring the heart issues.
The question for today, "What do you put most of your energy into? Your child's outward appearance and accomplishments, or their heart issues?


Stacey said...

Great post!

jeremy and/or laura said...

thanks for the reminder... sometimes doing what is 'right' in the eyes of others is so not what is 'right' in the eyes of God. i'm learning this over and over again.

Mayo's said...

Hello Rosalie,
Humbly...I thank God for you & you being a light for God in penning this post!
Momma of 8

Forever Young said...

Yes, yes and yes! Great post and good reminder. I haven't read your blog in awhile and miss it. Hoping to make it a regular visit again. Thanks for all of the encouragement and smiles you spread. Love to you all!

The Munck Family said...

Well put! I often feel the outside looking at our kids/family wondering why we aren't so involed in the stuff of the world? Well, that stuff takes up "much" time and energy that we can't afford to waste, because it takes all we have to train our kids in the way of the Lord...and I don't regret a minute of it!!! I pray each of my kids are best at what the Lord wants them to be, seeking His will and heart...that is a great accomplishment :)

Love you!!!

Esther Penner said...

Well done Rosalie. Thanks for taking the time to write about things like this and reminding us how important the things are that we instill into are children and how little time we have to do that. Before we know it they are grown and are starting a home of their own. God bless you and your family for all the encouragement and blessed example you are to other families. We apprieciate you lots!