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June 16, 2009

Terrific Two's

There is one cliche that really bothers me. It's "the terrible two's" phrase. In fact it more that bothers me, it makes me kind of sad.

We have had many two year olds in our home throughout the years (we're working on our 10th right now) and I have to say that year two is one of my favorites. And that's why I am bothered when I hear people negatively talk about the two year old stage and call it the "terrible two's" Even though it may be said jokingly or in fun, I think it often makes parents fearful of this fun age even before they get there.

So in our home we call it the "terrific two's". Why? Because it is! Two year olds have so much to explore, discover and learn. Who can blame them for all they 'accomplish' in a day? Of course with the two year old age come lots and lots of training. And yes folks, some day it can be just plain exhausting :) But what a privelage and joy to see when as they respond to discipline and learn to control their little minds and bodies.

Quite honestly, I will be kind of sad when the day comes that we don't have a two year old in our home. Their look of anticipation, wonder and excitement to new things adds such joy to a day.

Their learning how to talk makes me chuckle many times over. We have so many 'pet phrases' that have originated from our two year olds and their cute way of talking. And besides, who would entertain us at the dinner table?

And the sweet, pure lovin' they give is so refreshing. What could replace those sloppy two year old smooches?

Two year olds have a way of showing me my true self. The way they replicate my actions and attitudes makes me very careful of the way I speak and act. God knew that as parents we sometimes need to see ourselves through the eyes of a two year old :)

So please do yourself a favor. If you use the phrase "terrible two's" exchange the word terrible with terrific. If you have a two year old embrace this year, it goes so fast. If you will have a two year old in the future, look forward to it. If you know of someone who has a two year old encourage them. And one by one let's change the "terrible two's" cliche into the beautiful thing that it really is......TERRIFIC!


Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

I agree 100%. What an age of discovery. There is so much to see and learn they don't have the time to think if this is safe or wise. But that part is our job.

jeremy and/or laura said...

yep. i liked 2. a lot. i hope we get to experience it again! it's so awesome to see the world through their eyes... we miss out on a lot in our 'adult busyness.'

The Munck Family said...

I love 2's with all the mystery life seems to hold in each day as they explore. I call it wonderful 2's...even on the tough days! 2 year olds tend to be very selfish and self centered at times among other things, what a great time for training! Yet, it often reminds me of how as adults we too act at times like we are 2! This helping remind me that we must die to self daily :)