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June 11, 2009

Caption Contest

Every once in awhile you have a photo that just begs for a caption. Such is this picture.

So we are asking all of our blog readers to help us out.

What would you put for a caption on this picture?

We will have a vote between all of our family members to decide who is the winner.

The prize?

A homeade card package made by "MEGoo Photography".

Here is a sampling.

Leave us a comment with what you think should be the caption.

Contest closes June 17th.


Janet Hildebrand said...

Janet says: "Hung out to dry!" or "Mom's had it this time!"

Jim says "Sorry mom, I won't do it again!"

Janet Hildebrand said...

You can't hide in the heights or the depths....or the laundry basket!

Anonymous said...

Help! I'm hung out to dry and I wasn't even wet!!

Harry and Nancy Pauls said...

This is the easy part, the spin cycle was tough.

Rebecca Pauls said...

I really dont like Mom's new way of making sure us kids stay out of trouble!

Mayo's said...

With our family learning this year all about "farm life"...due to Daddy & our son's second job...in Wisconsin it's "make'n hay time" so...it's been very late nights & looong Saturdays...So, having said all this we are running very weary some weeks by Sunday/am and I try to have everyone ready for church (so Dad gets 5min extra sleep) ask them not to get a muss and wait... the expression on your sweet boys face makes me laugh as he looks like one of mine who'd been waiting all in a boys mind to say "hey I won't get a muss if I hang here till they leave"...and now he's yelling at the van..."wait Ma-hang on Im over here" "don't leave"! He is so cute!
Momma of 8

Mayo's said...

Im Anna Mayo...I am hearing that lil' brother asked with a laughing/grin..."Hey-you guys why always me..."smirkfully! I have the same color hair and I am always in the middle of the "fun"ha-ha!
You are a great family!

Mayo's said...

Hey, I am Matthew Mayo
as a brother, I hear "Ah" and I know he is loving every minute of it! Let me say---I would!

Mayo's said...

It looks like a clothed-line on a pully...my guess as the Dad (once his age-ha!) he saying"Mom I'm not ready to come in yet"!
Daddy of 8

Maggie Mayo said...

"hey you guys...theres Mom"!
Maggie Mayo

Dianna said...

1]This is my smile.. I AM smiling..
2] Enter with caution.. mommy's doing laundry.

Anonymous said...

quick unpin me Im stuck and moms comming out the door!!