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June 27, 2009

Traveling On

Well our travels are going quite well. We have made it to Hixton,Wisconsin.

We haven't been pushing it real hard which is nice just coming out of our busy farm season of seeding and spraying. We haven't had a real agenda except to make it to Tennessee in time to get lots of visiting in. Josiah has been an amazing traveler as we have hardly heard a squeak out of him.

Our first night was a little rough. There was much thunder, lightening and wind. Brooke wasn't feeling well so was unsettled. Nathan was having issues with Caleb in his sleep (not sure what he did to him?)

We are hoping tonight will be better. I am not used to hearing every little noise of our kids. We are in very close quarters here, so I will have to get used to it :)

Today we visited the mall of america. The boys really enjoyed the Lego park and the little girls the "American Girl" store. We were hoping to go to the Aquarium but when we saw the cost we realized that wasn't going to happen:)

Tonight we enjoyed some relaxing family time together. We got a nice deal at this campground and we are enjoying it. They have a big jumping balloon which was a hit! In the morning there is an all you can eat pancake breakfast for a small fee.

Tomorrow we plan to head to Illinois.

So I should get some sleep as the kids will probably be up bright and early as that's what camping seems to be all about!

I hope you are enjoying your summer too!


The Munck Family said...


Tennessee bound!!! We are so VERY excited, it's hard to contain ourselves!!! Praying for you all and your travels.

We are also praying for Joshua & Rebecca as they are holding down the farm :)

Love to you see you in a few days...WOOOHOOO!!!!

Esther Penner said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your travels. Yes sleeping came be a bit of a challenge when things are different than what the children are used to but things will improve after a night or two. After awhile they will become so tired they sleep through alot. Wishing you happy and safe travels

Stacey said...

Oh how exciting! I can't believe our trip is already over. Tennessee was beautiful :) Enjoy the time! Are you tenting or in a camper of somekind?

jeremy and/or laura said...

Hooray for family road-trips! One of my favourite memories as a child. Hope you guys have a great bonding time as a family and a wonderful visit with the Muncks :)
Will you be back before the 19th? hope so!