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June 8, 2009

Railroad Fun

Megan has always been wanting to take some railroad pictures so yesterday we (Megan and Jennifer) had the opportuniy..... here are a few of the pictures that we took.

Here is a little picture story for ya'll

Once upon a time.....

Megan was walking down the train tracks

All of the sudden she heard a train coming and started to RUN!!!

She finally gave in to the fact that she would never out run the train.... so she did the next best thing.

After the train wizzed by.... a little shaken but unharmed

She decided that was so much fun that she would just wait for the next train to come along :)

Jen on the other hand....

didn't know what to think when Megan told her the story.....

So she just walked away

The End :D


Great Doggie Doos said...

I love the pictures Meg! You did such a great job. It looks like you girls had a great time playing on that train track:) I miss you guys:( Not much longer:) We will be together again! I love your skirt Jennifer:) Sorry I have not e-mailed you yet Jen, working on it:)

Love you girls

Anonymous said...

Meg,the pictures are beautiful!
You did a great job,It's great to see you on some pictures:)
Jen you look beautiful!your great at doing pictures.
Nice story:)

Love you all