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September 17, 2008

Action Speak

The other day when Caleb was in the combine with me he was reading his picture Bible. He was reading about Moses. The particular story he was reading it didn't mention Moses' family being with him. Caleb asked me why his family wasn't with him. Because I was driving I wasn't sure which story he was reading and couldn't answer many of his questions. But it was obvious it bothered him that Moses' family was not with him. As I thought about this conversation later, I realized how much our children just pick up things by what we do and how we act and re-act to situations. In our family it is a priority to spend lots of time together. As a couple we make it a priority to do most things together. We don't talk a lot about it, we just do it. And obviously this has affected Caleb. When he saw that Moses' wife and children might not have been with him, that bothered him. It was normal for him that family would be together. It is not always the words that we say that influence our children, either good or bad. Our actions speak loud too. How we interact with our spouse speaks.... Our reaction to trials speaks.... The way we relate to God speaks..... The way we treat others speaks...... The body language we use speaks..... The way we treat our family speaks..... How are you speaking to your children today?

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