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September 11, 2008

Milking Time

On and off over the years we have milked cows to have milk for our family.
Right now we are milking 'Sally', a jersey cow.
We get around 2 gallons per milking and milk twice a day.
That's a lot of milk, even we can't drink all that :)
Here's a peak into our milking chores.
Sally like to smell "everything"
If there is anything different in the milking barn she has to smell it.
Here she is sniffing out Zachary.
I milk in the morning, Jen milks in the evening.
Someone loaned us a milking machine so we cheat.
It is a lot faster to do the actual milking, but it still take a bit of time to clean out the machine.

The cats wait around patiently for fresh milk.

Got Milk?

And finally the cats get their fair share


Laura said...

How fun! My kids would think they were in heaven at your house!

EllaJac said...

We get milk ($4 gal!) from nearby, but someday I'd love to have our own cow.. Ideally, I'd also love to have a NEIGHBOR who would like to co-own the cow, so there could still be out-of-town trips and 'sick days'. :)

Andrea said...

How fun! I wish we lived in the country and could have animals/pets/cows...you know, all that kinda stuff. :) Maybe one day...

That milk looks really good by the way! Hmmm...I think it's time for me to have a cup of mik. ;)

Dianna said...

Enjoy those precious moments....