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September 29, 2008

Memories Monday

The Muncks started a Memories Monday.
We think it's a great idea so we decided to join in!
Here is a couple of pictures from a family trip in 1998.
We camped in a tent the whole trip.
Lots of memories, lots of rain, lots of trying to dry out bedding :)
But it was lots of fun all the same.
Top is Joshua (8) and Jennifer (7)
Bottom in Kerri (3) and Megan (4 1/2)


Laura said...

I knew this would be fun...I enjoyed your photos as much as my own.

This idea came when I was thinking about all the memories from the past, and how many memories were made over the past 18 years...for us.

I love all the here and now stuff, but lots to share from the past,too. People often comment about how life must be easy for me now that I have big kids to help....they don't think about we had to start somewhere one at a time. You know:) So, this will give everyone a view of our family from all ages :)

I look forward to your next weeks post!

Denyse said...

Those are great pictures. Such sweet kids.