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September 30, 2008

Amaze In Corn

On Sunday we took another road trip.

This time to St. Adolphe to get lost in A Maze In Corn

We divided into 3 teams.

  • Team #1 Mark, me, Brooke, Mikaya and small fry.
  • Team #2 Jennifer, Megan, Kerri, Caleb & Nathan
  • Team #3 Joshua, Rebecca, Zachary & Jesse
Here were the rules:
  • 8 posts

  • Each post had a hole punch
  • Punch as many holes in your card as you can
  • No running
  • Meet at the exit at 5:00

  • Whoever had the most holes in their card wins!
The score? Team #1- 4 holes (Not mentioning that they had the 3 youngest which slowed them down a little and they had to pull out of the race 1/2 hour early because of tired little ones:) Team #2- 6 holes Team #3- 6 holes Lots of corn, lots of paths, lots of walking, lots of fun! And to end off a great day we went out for pizza.


Laura said...

I wish we had been there,too! That looked like so much fun. We have a corn maze close by we may have to try it this year...I'll let you know:)

Dianna said...

Family fun times!! Enjoy because they are oh so precious!!!