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November 1, 2008

Stocking up on Beta Carotene

Our garden work isn't completed every year until we get those yummy carrots in.
This year we waited and waited hoping to get some dryer weather, but seeing that doesn't seem to be coming, we decided to play in the mud :) Here is a photo journal of our carrot pickin time!
Here's Nate with the biggest carrot of the year!
It's hard to know every year
how much too plant.
It doesn't look like much when you are seeding them,
but this year we have WAY too many!
So if you are in need of some yummy orange flavor,
give us a shout!

Here's Nathan, busy picking

Kerri and Megan were in charge
of digging them out of the ground.
Brooke was in charge of being cute,
dirty face and all!
After bringing them from the garden
we gave them a good washing.
Normally we just brush them off
but this year they were too muddy.
The boys were my official
picker uppers seeing I am
finding bending over
more and more challenging
these days :)
Then we laid them on the
garage floor to dry. We layer the carrots with sand, but this year the sand was also very saturated so we dried it out first. Then the boys gathered it all up to put into pails. When the carrots were dry we put them down in the root cellar. And if all goes well, we should have fresh tasting carrots until our new crop next spring!

Way to go family!

Another task finished before the cold wind blows!


Dianna said...

I have been catching up on your last posts. Enjoyed it.
So you like the book the 5 love languages also? I love that book!! I acually own it and handed out a couple of them already to newlyweds.I'm noticing you read about the same literature I read.
How's your appts. going with the midwife? I miss my visits with them. But will drop in on them at the office once in awhile just to say hi when I find I have the time. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have via blog.
I found it interesting that you put sand on your carrots when storing them, never heard of that. Do you think they last longer then? What is the purpose of that? We lay then out to dry then store them in bags or boxes then put them in a walk in fridge. I would keep the sand in mind for future ideas also.
Do you love the carrot juice? I MAKE my kids to drink it at a very young age. It's sooo good isn't it?! May God bless your day

Laura said...

That is one BIG carrot, how many family members got to share that one?

I love the pictures and what wonderful team work!

We ALL love carrots, wish we lived closer.

EllaJac said...

Aw, you have a root cellar! I'm jealous. :)

Awesome carrot.